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A city like no other.  An agent like no other.

New Orleans is a city of exceptional neighborhoods.  Uptown, Downtown, Mid-City, OId Metairie...Ricky not only knows them, he has lived in each.

Each area of the city offers its own charm, character, style and culture.  Find a neighborhood you love, and Ricky will find your home.

Uptown - Charming neighborhoods with lots of parks, neutral grounds, sprawling oak trees and the St. Charles Avenue streetcar.

Garden District - Stately mansions and magnolia trees fill this beautiful, uniquely New Orleans neighborhood.

Irish Channel - Detailed shotgun houses, both single and double, are common in this friendly neighborhood, spotted with friendly corner bars and restaurants.  Historic Magazine Street offers local shopper favorites. 

Mid City - From Victorian mansions to quaint cottages, Mid City has it all under an oak canopy.  Home to City Park, Bayou St. John and the Fairgrounds.

CBD - The Central Business District has become an exciting new residential area. Renovated office buildings with hip lofts and warehouses make for a convenient trip to art galleries, cocktail bars and award-winning restaurants. 

French Quarter -  One of America's oldest neighborhood, The Vieux Carre retains its centuries-old character.  Here homes often include balconies, intricate ironwork and courtyard gardens.

Bywater/Marigny - Quaint shotguns, art galleries, and colorful creole cottages can be found in this vibrant New Orleans neighborhood. Originally a suburb of the Vieux Carre, this area is nestled along the Mississippi River.

Lakeview/Lakefront - Beautiful neighborhood that is a mix of eclectic architecture and parkways. Features nearby access to the CBD, the lake and surrounding suburbs. 

These are just a few of the exceptional neighborhoods that make up the city of New Orleans.  

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